Cover of Key West Citizen

Wow! What a surprise! BTW…

…here’s another view. Incidentally, I just grabbed this shot last week (with my handy $10 digital, natch’), and this is also the one that caused the stake-out that resulted in my arrest that resulted in my having to fly back down to Key West from NYC last winter which resulted in my case being thrown out of court after drawing the image in court for the judge. (Whew!) I even tried cleaning it off with alcohol because it wasn’t my favorite. And I don’t usually do the front of signs, especially ones this high-profile. But the paint was tenacious, and reacted with the sign material, and all I wound up doing was fading it slighly.

So I re-painted it. (What else could I do? Leave it only half-good? Yah, right!)

And now I can only imagine how many visitors, tourists, and travelers walk away with a photo of theirselves and my sign. Wheeee!

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