SMART Crew was here*

Duval Street | “Cliff the Weaver”

Zero Duval | CVS

*One thing. As everyone knows, I feel die-cut and mass-produced stickers are totally weak. Worthless, really. Where’s the art? It’s just marketing. Like I can imagine SMART being a clothing  line, because that’s where some crews go and its a good name, but other than that sticker-tosses are for kids at the skate park.

Anyhow, I was really disappointed when I realized that the only thing SMART crew member DCEVER et al did while was here was sticker die-cut stickers. The DCEVER stuff I saw photos of really turned me on. When I learned this cat was here, I was excited to see some art. But talented artist DCEVER came to Key West, and all the Island got was a bunch of stickers. Even the sweet hand-style sticker up above, mass-produced.
DCEVER and I spoke for a brief second before I learned what went down, but this could have been really cultural. Instead it was merely vacation. As it is, all the stickers are already down. (Didn’t they notice that there are no corporate stickers up on the Island? I bet they thought they landed in unclaimed territory.) But I’ll leave the photos up—proof of what could have been. And I hope DCEVER comes back and does art one day. Stay tuned.

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