ROBUS in Key West (Angela Street)

Hey us’all. ROBUS was here first. I mean, Angela Street.

And if you happen down Angela next to the cemetery you’ll see the proof.

Here now is a record of how it went down.  I took these today with the $10 digital camera I got from Walgreen’s (firewire-to-USB cable included!), and it’s a beautiful day here on the island.

Alright this one above was the first. See that marked-over ROBUS down below? I crossed it out a while back, before he and I had gotten together. The reason I crossed it out was it was 1) good, and 2) I never saw any follow-up anywhere else on the island, so I thought it was just some trespasser or wannabe who came through and left their mark. (You know how I feel about that, a definite no-no.) Then I left the island. Then I came back. What I found when I returned is that he – the ROBUS –  had crossed out the entire sticker-stencil combo, and then did a throw up-style tag above it. Wow! I was impressed. And it meant that ROBUS Lived!

I did this after I had crossed out the original ROBUS. It’s good. But ROBUS out-styled me. (See below.)

Continuing down the street, at the very end, right before it hits Frances, this was burning. Say what you want, the man has a beautiful signature. What I felt was, wow, this person is on top of their game, and they just said, hello, I rule, how are you?

Same street. Is this a joke? Wannabe posturism. Somebody Captain Sav-A-Ho.

Also on Angela but (prophetically?)  at the head of (secret street) Catholic Lane.

A recent addition. That “snitchin” tag gets under my skin, plus an anarchy “A” (of all things) above it, ouch. So, into the mix…

And that’s Angela between Frances and Margaret. It’s a street with some history.

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